'I didn't know if the shooter was going to come back'

ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- A neighbor who helped save a woman gunned down in a King County shooting spree recounted what happened as the gunman went into the victim's house.

Police say John McKay shot a man in Renton and injured two others, then went to his former mother-in-law's home in Issaquah, broke down the door and shot her too.

"I saw him walking into the front door," said Yury Colton.

Colton was leaving his home for a bike ride Saturday afternoon when he saw John McKay arrive at his neigbhor's home in the 13400 block of 209th Ave. SE.

"I was coming down my driveway on my bike and I waved at the guy and said, 'Hey, how are you doing?' " Colton said.

Colton says everything seemed normal and went on his way. A short time later he heard gun shots so he turned around, curious about what was going on.

John L. McKay"I see him chasing down the neighbor across her backyard and firing shots towards her," Colton said.

Sheriff's investigators say McKay kicked-in the front door of his former mother-in-law's home, chased her through the house then followed her into the backyard.

Colton called 911 and waited in some nearby bushes. Once McKay left, Colton ran to help his neighbor, who was unconscious, lying face-down on the ground.

"I put my hand on her back and noticed that she was still breathing," Colton said. "And then I asked... I told her who I was. 'Your neighbor and help's on the way.' "

Investigators say McKay came here after shooting his ex-wife's boyfriend at this home in Renton. The man is expected to survive. Deputies later found McKay dead inside his car in Skyway. They say he died from a gunshot wound.

"I was nervous because I didn't know if the shooter was going to come back," Colton said. "I was nervous for what happened to the neighbor -- just kind of did what good neighbors do."

Colton says his neighbor regained consciousness before emergency crews arrived. She had a scrape on her face and she'd been shot in the hand. She's now recovering at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.