I-90 crash victim tells his story

Interstate 90 is finally moving again after a large pileup closed the road for more than a day.

A Yakima man was part of that 25 car accident. Kevin Anderson and his fiance were heading to Spokane Thursday afternoon when Kevin suddenly couldn't see the road in front of him.

He slowed down and was greeted by a wave of tail lights through the smoke and ash. When Kevin looked in his rear view mirror, he knew what was next.

"You could see the semi coming through a cloud of smoke and see him hit the car behind us and then once they hit the car behind us, I threw my arm across my fiance and we took the impact pretty good," Anderson said.

That impact caused some serious damage to the back of his pickup.

"Probably the scariest part of it was we saw it coming," he said. "There's nothing you can do, there's nowhere to go."

The pileup was a domino effect, involving 16 cars and nine semi trucks.

"When I got out of the car you could just hear it piling up half a mile down the road of screeching tires and one car hitting the next."

Twelve people went to the hospital. Kevin said he and his fiance went car to car to make sure people were okay.

"There was ash and smoke all over the road, you couldn't hardly see, could barely breathe," he said.

It took four hours until they could get out of there. Their weekend in Spokane turned into a weekend of recovery.

"We're both feeling some soreness and stiffness today, that's for sure," he said. " [I'm] just glad that no one was seriously hurt and thankful to emergency folks were there to do their job and to do a quick job like they did."

Those emergency crews allowed everyone to survive the 25 car pileup on I-90. Westbound lanes were open by Thursday night, but the eastbound lanes didn't reopen until just a couple hours ago.