Hundreds of seasonal jobs available in Yakima

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It might be too early for you to even start thinking about the holidays, but the department stores certainly have.

Some stores in fact have already started to put up their Christmas displays, and that's good news if you're looking for work.

There are plenty of opportunities for the unemployed here in Yakima.

Alma Carmona is a senior at Stanton Academy and is currently searching for her first job. Although new to the job hunt she's already learned just how tough it can be.

"It's really hard, and patience and stuff to see if you do get called or not," said Carmona.

Like many in the area, Alma turned to Work Source for assistance. They'll help anybody find work, regardless if you have a resume or even know how to work a computer.

"Anybody who wants a job right now, there's jobs out there and we're the bridge to help them find it, so please come in and use our services," said Sondra Pieti from Work Source.

Sondra told KIMA that there are usually low unemployment rates in the fall, with lots of opportunities in agriculture, retail, warehouses, and trucking.

If you're looking for work, KIMA called around to some stores in the area and found hundreds of job openings that you may be interested in.

On the top of that list is Lowe's, which is looking to hire 110 seasonal workers, followed by about 50 at Wal-Mart, 35 at Target, and 20 at Home Depot and Costco.

And these seasonal jobs have the potential to turn into permanent jobs, as Lowe's plans on keeping about 20 to 30 of their new staff.

As Work Source told me, the employers are just waiting.

"Every Monday through the month of September and the first part of October, we have a job opportunity here at 8:30 every morning, on Monday morning, where the manager is here waiting to hire people," said Pieti.

Always good news for people like Alma.

Work Source tells us if you're looking for holiday work, the time to start applying is now.