How safe are Yakima city pools?

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's a cheap way to beat the heat in Yakima. Go to a city pool. KIMA looked into how safe the Yakima city pools are.

Turns out there have been few incidents, but your belongings seem to be more at risk at a city pool than your kids.

Spud Edmondson worked at Franklin Pool when he was 16-years-old. Now, he is wrapping up the last day of swimming lessons for his grandkids. Spud says he's never had a problem at a Yakima pool.

"Every place has their problems with safety and Yakima is no better, no worse than any place else and day time around here is not a worry," Edmondson said.

Lions Pool is dedicated after Spud's dad, who was once the parks and rec coordinator. Spud says he trusts the lifeguards in Yakima with his grandkids' lives.

"They're very safe, I think, and very well trained," he said.

I pulled the numbers to see just how safe. There haven't been any medical calls to Franklin Pool so far this year. There was only one last year, and in 2012 there weren't any either.

But, there were calls to authorities about crime to the pool and parking lot. Three so far this year and four last year. Both drastically down from twelve in 2012.

Common crime calls are thefts and assault, but Spud isn't worried.

"It's open and it's daylight and Yakima is not any less safe than any other place," he said.

Lions Pool also had fewer medical calls than crime calls. Two medical calls so far this year. And, six in the two years prior.

Compare that to calls for crime at the pool. There have been six so far this year, and eleven across the two years prior.

"I'm sure they responded appropriately and minimized the damage," Edmondson said.

Staying vigilant: a main goal for the city to keep their pools safe.