How long does it take YSO to respond to accidents?

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- It's the kind of situation no one wants to be in. Waiting for help to arrive after being in a car crash. Some instances were better than others.

"They responded really well," said Lynda. "They took care of me on the way to the hospital and they were really great people."

Lynda Heibert has been in several accidents and said each time sheriff deputies took no longer than twenty minutes to get to her.

It's the norm rather the exception.

Yakima County Sheriff's Office responded to 500 non-injury accidents in the past year, and almost 700 in 2011.

Last year, the average response time for non-injury accidents was 21 minutes which was a minute slower than in 2011.

Elias Madrid said we could use more deputies to get even a faster response time.

"That's what probably stops the response times to be what it needs to be," said Elias.

The average response time it took Yakima County Sheriff's Office to respond to an injury accident was about 20 minutes. Most locals KIMA spoke with were satisfied with that time.

Injury accidents in Yakima County jumped up nearly a hundred cases in the past two years.

Almost 300 cases were reported last year.

Drivers like Lynda said it's common for her to see distracted drivers.

"I see a lot of them talking on their cell phones which I don't approve of that because that causes a lot of accidents," said Lynda.

Drivers hoped to see stricter laws to keep distracted drivers off the roads.