House fire turns night time sky several shades of orange

YAKIMA, Wash. -- We received your Facebook tips and calls about a house fire last night near Tieton and 16th Avenue. KIMA learned from the Yakima Fire Department what triggered the blaze.

Fames raging out of control and the night time sky lit several shades or orange. It's a sight that shocked many neighbors on the 700 block of South 16th Ave.

"He said the house across the street was on fire and I walked over to the door, and I never saw such a big ball of flames. I was scared," said neighbor Joan Bolte.

Officials say the fire was an accident. It started by a piece of coal, used in a hookah pipe. It fell behind a stove and ignited the blaze.

Joan and Wayne Bolte watched this house from across the street burn as flames liked every inch, leaving nothing untouched behind. They heard shouts coming from the house, but they didn't realize there was a fire until they looked outside.

"Open the door and the house across the street was totally engulfed in flames. I'm talking everything, the trees, the tops of trees, the front porch; the whole house was nothing but a big ball of flames," said Wayne Bolte.

It took over thirty firefighters about a half-hour to get a handle on the flames. And another 4 hours to smother remaining embers.

This hit a personal chord for Joan, bringing back painful memories. She was the victim of a house fire and was forced to hustle six children out of the burning building.

"The scariest thing I've ever seen and I never expected it here in this neighborhood," Joan told Action News.

Officials say we are on pace to have twice the amount of structure fires this year, compared to last year.
Departments are upping their resources; working with new air packs and an engine. Always trying to stay one step ahead and work fast to keep you safe.

The Yakima Fire Department told us the property value totaled in at nearly $115,000. Total expense damages have not yet been calculated.