Holiday cards, bills, personal information gone: Postal drop box ripped from sidewalk

YAKIMA, Wash. -- An unusual crime was reported in Yakima and it effects the whole neighborhood along 38th Avenue. Yakima police say a U.S. postal drop box was ripped off the sidewalk.

Hundreds of holiday cards, bills and personal information stolen from street corner.

"When did you notice that the mail box was gone?", asked KIMA.

"Well, I think it was last Monday," said Dianne Griffith. "I drove over there to mail a letter, because I didn't trust mailing it out of my own box. I drove over there and the mailbox was just totally gone."

Dianne Griffith's mail was stolen from her home mailbox two weeks ago. She started dropping her letters in the public postal drop box along the 600 block of 38th Avenue. Now, all that remains are the nuts and bolts that once secured the post box.

(((Dan Griffith)))
"There's a fair amount of crime in Yakima, this neighborhood and other neighborhoods," said Dan Griffith. "Unfortunately, the fact that they took a post office drop box, yeah that surprises me."

Police report the U.S. postal box was stolen days before Christmas. They say it's been two years since a crime like this happened. But, this holiday season they have seen more home mail boxes broken into.

"This was a drop box and that people can add checks, debit cards, credit cards, cash and that's bizarre," said Dan. "That's very bizarre."

Police don't have any leads, but they assume multiple people were in on it. One theory is the suspects roped the post box in chains and used a vehicle to detach it from the sidewalk.

"You know that just red-lines the stupid meter, but somebody's got to care and do the right thing," said Dan.

Police advise neighbors who dropped mail with any personal or credit card information to closely monitor their accounts.

Neighbors believe the solution is a neighborhood watch and police amping up patrols.

We reached out to the U.S. Postal Service for more information, we have yet to hear back.

If you saw any suspicious activity, call Yakima police.