Hit & Run Victim: 'He was telling me just lies to run away'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Jose Maria was a victim in a hit and run.

"He was telling me just lies to run away," said Jose. "That's what happened."

Jose Maria remembered emptying garbage at a dumpster when someone hit his car. He said his only mistake was trusting the driver.

"He was telling me, give me your phone number and I'll call you back and I'll pay you," said Jose. "He never paid me. He never called me back."

Jose said they exchanged names and phone numbers. When he got home, he realized the driver gave him a fake name and number.

"I was waiting for one month and then after that one more month and then after that, I would just look around for that kind of color truck," said Jose.

Jose was far from alone. YPD saw more hit and run cases. They jumped from 615 in 2011 to 780 last year. Officers arrested 115 people connected to those cases.

Melanie Vannortrick recently saw a truck drive off after backing into a car. She was sitting in a parking lot when it happened.

"I thought he was actually going to back into it again and he didn't and just pulled away," said Melanie. "Didn't stop or look or anything, just left."

YPD said parking lot hit and run cases are harder to solve. YPD said most happen east of 16th Avenue. Police also saw a lot of them on 16th Avenue and Tieton as well as 32nd Avenue and Summitview. People like Melanie would like to see it stop.

"Oh my gosh," said Melanie. "I can't believe we just watched him do that and did he not notice? How could you not notice?"

Hit and run accidents are likely to leave your insurance company on the hook for repairs even if it's not your fault.