Historic trolley back on the tracks

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Wednesday morning the Yakima Valley Trolley hit the track for a trip to Selah that marked its centennial journey.

A trip that was taken for the first time a hundred years ago to the day, it's Yakima's oldest operating electric trolley. It also happens to be the oldest operating interurban railway in the U.S.

Yakima Valley Transportation along with city officials hope that this historical relic will help increase tourism and provide a boost to the economy.

"It will really help with tourism. Yakima seems like it wants to be a tourism town and this is one thing they can use as a vehicle of getting this done. It's pretty cool," said Ed Neel a YVT volunteer. Others speculate that this can become a big attraction and help Yakima become a tourism destination.

"There really is no other historical railroad like this in operation and we're very proud of that", said Ken Johnsen, the President of the Yakima Valley Transportation. He further told KIMA that this trolley was built back in 1907, and many of its carts are more than 84-years-old.

YVT had to overcome several hurdles in order for the trolley to run. The biggest being the copper theft several years ago that left it powerless. It isn't the electric rail powering it now, but a generator attached to the back of the cart.

Ed told KIMA that he hopes the rides from Yakima to Selah will become a mainstay. For now, it's only temporary.