Highway 410 mudslide: 2,000+ cubic feet of mud and rocks

NACHES, Wash. -- It could be days before the latest landslide to hit Highway 410 is cleared. The amount of mud and rock on the road is about equal to what might be in a backyard swimming pool.

The river trickles brown. Mud and rocks scattered across highway 410. It's an all too familiar sight for some neighbors.

"This particular section of road does have a history," said nearby camper Monty Haskett.

They are reminded of the devastating landslide from three years ago. For one business owner, the image replays in her head.

"The whole hill was coming down including trees and I mean it was like an avalanche," Valerie Oryster told Action News.
Crews are out removing debris from the road and told us debris can be as high as eight feet.

"It's not as much devastation as last time, thank God. With this one the rain was just a dilution. It's hours of lightning just flashed and flashed and flashed," said Cliffdale fire personnel Sherry Gillesepe.

The landslide from 2009 caused a washout of the road. That fix was nine million dollars. This time the state expects to spend about 50-grand to clear the mud and rocks.

(((Don Whitehouse- DOT)))
"In this case it brought down a lot of rock. Our goal right now is to just clean up all the debris and haul it off," said Don Whitehouse, the Washington State DOT regional administrator.

KIMA spoke to one camper who was almost stuck in the storm.

"The scary part about it is, is that if you're up in the elk camp and something like this happens, you may not have a way out for days," Monty Haskett said.

The state has a dozen workers, three loaders, and six trucks on the job. The hope is to have Highway 410 cleared by Monday.

No one was hurt in the slide. A couple storage cabins were mangled.

The mudslides are about 20 miles west of Naches at mile marker 107.

The detour is Nile Loop Road. Neighbors say it's less than ten-minutes out of your way.