High winds cause damage in Lower Valley

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- People in parts of the Lower Valley spent the day in cleanup mode. High wind knocked down trees and knocked out power to thousands.

It wasn't how Michelle Gonzalez wanted to start her day. Strong wind and big trees proved to be a dangerous combination in Toppenish.

"I couldn't take my kids to school because we were blocked," said Michelle Gonzalez.

Trees felt the brunt of the wind. Officials said around seven trees were knocked down. Shingles on roofs came loose. And, just about anything not bolted down was taken for a ride.

"It's something that we can't really expect," said Oscar Gonzalez. "It's mother nature."

Pacific Power reported power outages in Sunnyside, Granger and Outlook. 1,400 customers were hit at peak. An additional 1,400 people lost power in a second Sunnyside outage. There were also scattered outages in Toppenish and Grandview.

"My mouth dropped because this is ugly, this is bad," said Michelle.

More trees were down in Granger.

"In all those years, we really haven't seen nothing like this," said Oscar.

Michelle's car doesn't look as good as it used to. At least she can say no one was hurt.

There were also about a thousand customers who lost power in Yakima and Selah. Power has been restored to everyone.