'Hey, weed is legal. Call me'

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's been two days since pot was legalized here in Washington. And that means plenty of people are eager to get their hands on some weed.

In just two days, Medical Marijuana providers tell us they've been inundated with healthy locals hitting them up for pot. Many of the people have seen ads for medical marijuana on craigslist and have tried to score weed from providers. Medical marijuana activists want to remind everyone that their business is strictly for patients with a prescription.

"I did see a craigslist that got flagged and taken down: "Hey weed is legal. Call me." That's exactly what it said and its like no, it's decriminalized. But that's a first step because the government doesn't want it," said marijuana activist Tricia Smith.

Every provider we spoke with says even now that I-502 has passed, it would be against the law to give marijuana to anyone that is not a patient.