Heritage University receives 1.14 million for students

Heritage University receives 1.14 million for students

TOPPENISH, Wash.- Last fall Former CEO and Co-founder of Costco Jim Sinegal visited Heritage University and was so impressed that he and his family decided to fund the university 1.14 million dollars. The grant will fund a full tuition scholarship for five students each year for the next four years.

"Our students are so smart. We like to talk about students at Heritage being every bit as bright and capable as a student from Bellevue too Boston. For Jim and Jan to recognize that and make this award was just the very best day here at Heritage," said by VP of Advancement and Marketing David Wise.

Seven Heritage University alums work at Costco Headquarters and showed Sinegal around the university. He says that his employees are main reason why this opportunity happened.

"They each took a turn showing me a building and what they were proud of about their university. So they really became the inspiration for wanting to do something for future students being able to go to that university," said by former CEO and Co-founder of Costco Jim Sinegal.

Incoming freshmen and any student who has fewer than 30 semester credits can apply. The scholarship not only funds tuition and books, but it's stackable on top of other financial aid.

"Students will not only have their tuition covered, but likely have some cost of living expense money in their pocket as well," said Wise.

Students from Heritage University receiving similar scholarships say it is relieving knowing that they won't be debt thousands of dollars after they graduate.

"You don't have to worry about anything. Your tuition is being paid for, you'll get money for your books, you are just a student. You don't have to worry about the adulting of 'oh how am I going to get my money, how am I going to pay for my books.' Everything is paid for and it just makes you feel secure so you know that you will be able to finish and you will be able to obtain your degree," said by Soar scholarship recipient Jiovanna Lamas.

Heritage University students will be evaluated on their commitment to pursue higher education as well as giving back to the community. The application opened today and the deadline to apply is January 26th.

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