Have you seen me? Moxee Police look for con man

---MOXEE POLICE NEWS RELEASE--- The Moxee Police Department wants to notify the public of a con man in the Yakima Valley. The suspect is responsible for numerous scams to defraud primarily elderly victims of money. The suspect has already victimized dozens of people throughout Yakima County. He has numerous active arrest warrants out for his arrest and dozens of other cases from Police Departments throughout the area. Police have identified the suspect and have even arrested him several times but unfortunately have been unable to jail him due to serious medical issues. The problem is a financial one, if the suspect is housed in the area jails the agencies involved have to pay for his extraordinary medical expenses. Given the circumstances the best way we can protect the public at this point is to make the suspects name and picture available so that people will quit falling for his scams and being victimized.

The suspect is Bobby E. Trudeau He is 46 years old and 5 foot 8 inches tall weighing 220 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He often uses the alias Robert or Bobby Bowden or Bogen. He will offer to do odd jobs, fix cars or sell fire wood or other commodities. He asks for money for gas or parts in advance and then never returns.