Habitat for Humanity uses thrift store to help fund mission to provide affordable housing

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YAKIMA, Wash.- Everyone has clothes that they can donate to local thrift stores so someone else can find use of what you no longer wear.

The habitat of humanity is taking that approach, but when it comes to home improvement items.

Lisa Kapuza at the non-profit say it's the easiest way to give people affordable options and keep stuff away from landfills.

"That's why we encourage donations and encourage people to shop here because ultimately it's the best thing to do for our community and the environment,” she said.

All the proceeds from this store allow the Habitat for Humanity is able to build three homes a year. Affordable housing for families like the Carter family or the Cruz family.

Most of the work is done by volunteers. So, without them none of this would be possible.

Volunteers like Don Breitenfeldt. He started two and half years ago when his daughter-in-law told him they were desperate for an electrician; which was a field he had no experience in.

"She said, ‘but you're a handyman. You can do a little bit of anything.’ I said, well that's probably true," Breitenfeldt said.

He goes through donated parts to see which ones can be used and which ones need to be thrown out.

"If they are new and they can use them in the construction, bathroom, lights, other kind of lighting in a home then obviously, they don't have to pay for it and they can just put it in brand new."

The Habitat for Humanity also partners with local stores for donations and will even go out to collect items to showcase in their store.

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