Gun violence prompts school security meeting

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Leaders from every school district in Yakima County met with law enforcement today to discuss school security. This comes on the heels of a lock down at a Yakima school after a gun was seen in the area nearby.

Police say a man flashed a gun at a bondsman trying to arrest him. This set off a chain reaction with a lock down at Hoover Elementary school.

After 20 minutes of being locked down, Hoover was given the all-clear to go about the last two hours of school. Parents were notified of the lock down when they went to pick up their kids.

Friday morning, school officials and law enforcement officers from all of Yakima County met to discuss implementing new security measures.

One popular option is to improve older buildings, and adjusting room locations so buildings are physically harder to break in to. Armed officials on campuses was another option discussed. Nothing will be officially decided until future meetings.