Grandview headed toward pot sales ban; Mabton open to the idea

LOWER VALLEY, Wash. -- Neighboring cities, moving in opposite directions when it comes to pot. Grandview is following Yakima's lead and seems headed for a ban on businesses. Nearby Mabton is open to the idea. KIMA learned more about each city's plans.

Mabton and Grandview lie ten minutes apart. Though when it comes to pot, they might as well be on different planets.

Grandview's planning commissioners voted unanimously to recommend banning all pot business activity to the city council.

"I felt an obligation to the voters of Grandview, who voted 60% against it," said Commissioner Dennis Byam.

Grandview's local rejection of I-502 flies against the state overall, which passed it with 56% of the vote. Commissioners argue it would be hard to keep pot from kids.

Gene Iwami runs an after school program in Grandview.

"I think that making it legal to sell in a retail setting sends a message to the people that we're saying it's really okay, that we condone it and support it, and I don't think as a community we do."

It's a different story in Mabton. Mayor Mario Martinez says he won't interfere with the state law.

"The citizens of Washington passed the Initiative 502 and the state legislators have made it clear that we're moving forward. So, that's what our intent is -- to move forward."

Martinez says pot businesses just need to be regulated. And, they could have a huge impact on Mabton's finances, especially if state lawmakers share the tax money with cities.

"It would help us, maybe, have another cop on duty, economic development and just help us reach some of our goals."

As for legally sold pot getting into the wrong hands:

"Let's not be naive. In this day and age, young people, minors have access to just about anything they want to in America. I think that's just the reality. Let's just do it the right way."

Grandview and Mabton adding to the patchwork of pot policy in the Yakima Valley.

Legal pot also seems to getting a warm reception a little farther down I-82 to Prosser. Prosser's City Planner said the city will also follow the state law to let marijuana be grown and sold.