Governor Inslee meets with East Valley School District to help get state budget passed

Governor Inslee meets with West Valley School District to help get state budget passed.

YAKIMA, Wash.- Washington state legislature failed to agree on the construction budget and now schools like East Valley High School are left in limbo when trying to improve their facilities.

Governor Jay Inslee met with members of the East Valley School District to talk about some of the problems they are facing.

"These teachers and kids are doing a great job here but this school is designed for 500 kids and now they have 950 and it's growing rapidly," he said.

Superintendent of the East Valley School District John Schieche said his school has one of the highest graduation rates in the district and his students can't keep waiting around.

"I feel like this is a slap in the face to our community," Schieche said.

East Valley High School is waiting on more than $17 million for their school to upgrade buildings that can't keep up with the population.

The school is looking to build rooms for vocational job programs and expand the hallways so students can safely get between classes.

Inslee says every day the budget goes unfinished; these students are the ones that are suffering.

"Kids should not be used as a hostage or a leverage,” Inslee said. “The kids deserve an education and the legislature needs to finish their job."

While school will benefit from the budget being passed other projects like the Yakima YMCA aquatic center and ROZA irrigation district will also be funded.

"The need is all across the state of Washington and in almost every single community we have something that we want to build," he said.

Superintendent Schieche said if this gets pushed back any further, the construction will go across two school years instead of one.

The school will also have to build another building to house all the students while construction is going on.

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