Governor assures enough money for long term Yakima Basin Water Plan

ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- Governor Jay Inslee came to Ellensburg Tuesday.

He helped kick off the first project in the 30-year Yakima Basin Water Plan.

The project is designed to improve irrigation for farms around the area.
And, supply enough water for fish and wildlife.

As the name implies, the project will take 30 years and cost $4 billon.

KIMA asked whether there will be enough money to make sure it gets done without wasting taxpayer money.

"And make sure we work together to have a unified message to Congress and to the state legislature, and that unified message is we're working together for jobs, farms, fish, and forest and those four things are vital to the whole state," said Governor Inslee.

The project will create 42 jobs and inject more than $7 million into our local economy.