Going Gold for Karlee helps two families

Going Gold for Karlee helps two families

TOPPENISH, Wash.- Kirkwood Elementary and Valley View Elementary partnered with Karlee’s Koffee to help raise money for two 22-month-old children that are diagnosed with leukemia.

"It's because of what you did that we were able to rent an apartment to help Tiago get better. We were also able to donate some of that money to cancer research to help cure Tiago's disease," said by Tiago’s dad.

Jesiah and Sergio are the two children who are receiving help this year. This is the 3rd annual Going Gold for Karlee fundraiser that Nettie Dionne started in honor of her Niece Karlee.

"Karlee got pretty jazzed about it and said 'auntie I want to work out the window of the coffee stand and wave at people.' So that was kind of the spark that I thought well maybe I should actually look into this," said by Dionne.

Karlee passed away in March of 2015 and that same year in August Dionne kept her promise and opened their coffee shop.

"Karlee was an incredible, amazing little girl and had the spirit of giving and just always wanting to help other people, that’s the spirit we are trying to keep alive here," said Dionne.

Both Elementary schools had spirit week in light of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and raised nearly $7,000 for Jesiah and Sergio.

"We just want to take the edge off. Obviously, nothing takes away the pain of watching your child go through what they have to go through, but if we can just help just so that don't have to stress out about money, I think that's super important," said by Karlee’s mother.

Karlee’s Koffee will be selling t-shirts, mugs and gift baskets, tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and all of the proceeds will go to both families.

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