Garbage pile on banks of Wenas Creek cleaned up

SELAH, Wash. -- KIMA is following up on your calls about a giant pile of garbage on the banks of the Wenas Creek.

Neighbors said last week they were afraid the trash was going to wash away into the Yakima River.

Action News showed pictures of the garbage to the Yakima Health District who went to the property.

Now the trash is gone and neighbors are happy.

"I live in the country because I like it. It's quiet, it's peaceful, it's generally clean. It's really disturbing when you look out your window and you see people's garbage out there. You don't live out in the country to see garbage," Cindy Davis said.

Tenants on the property tell us they saw the story on KIMA and cleaned up the trash for their landlords.

They say their landlords are out of town and aren't sure why the pile was there.