Funding Approved for Rail Safety Upgrades

Funding Approved for Rail Safety Upgrades

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash.- The Utilities and Transportation Commission approved a 80,000 dollar grant to update four railroad crossings in Grandview and Granger. The money will be used to upgrade train detection equipment.

"The point of the Grade Crossing Protective Fund is to provide money for safety upgrades in order to reduce accidents and fatalities at public and private crossings," said by Spokesperson for the Washington State Utilities of Transportation Commission Amanda Maxwell.

20,000 dollars will go into each of the crossings. By replacing old motion sensors with new technology, the Utilities and Transportation Commission says it will provide better detection of when trains are coming which will overall improve vehicle and pedestrian safety.

There are thousands of vehicles that use these railroad crossings daily. Each one ranging from nearly three thousand to five thousand per day. Locals who drive through the crossings each day say they are glad to know state regulators are thinking about safety.

"I use this road every day passing by here to work. It's very unsafe and I feel that if something were to be done it would be really nice for people to be able to feel safe and comfortable while they are driving," said by Medical Assistant Tracey Bryson who works right by one of the railroad crossings.

The crossings will be completed by June 15th 2018.

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