Former Union Gap mayor arrested again

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Former Union Gap Mayor Jim Lemon is behind bars. He was booked into the Yakima County Jail Sunday morning. The charges include obstruction and malicious mischief, to name a few.

It wasn't a peaceful morning for a mini-mart in Yakima. An employee called YPD to get rid of an unwanted guest. Police were told Jim Lemon was causing trouble.

"He threw almost all the bottles over there on the counter and some stuff on the counter also," said Dollar Plus employee Lucky Singh.

Singh said the problems started when Lemon wanted to buy a single cigarette. The store only sells cigarettes in packs. He said the cashier also refused to sell Lemon beer because he was "out of control."

"He wasn't under control, so we didn't sell him (beer)," said Lucky.

"And he started getting mad when you wouldn't sell him beer?" KIMA asked.

"Yes, he was," said Lucky.

And that's when employees said Lemon started trashing the store. All in all, close to $3,000 worth of damage was done. Lucky said Lemon even tried assaulting his co-worker.

"He was too mad that he came over the counter," he said. "He tried to grab the collar of my friend."

Officers said Lemon was holding the doors to keep officers from coming in to the mini-mart. Workers at a senior health care center nearby also called officers after he refused to leave their facility.

Lemon now faces six charges: two counts of malicious mischief, two counts of criminal trespassing, obstructing a law enforcement officer and willfully interfering with a health care facility.

"You can't imagine how a person can behave like that, but, yes, it's a shock," said Lucky.

Police said Lemon was tasered before he was arrested.

Lemon was also arrested twice in November, once for suspicion of DUI and once for domestic violence, malicious mischief, trespassing and obstruction.