Former Davis basketball champ accused of trying to elude Yakima police

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Devonte Luckett shined on the basketball court and helped Davis High School win this year's state title. Now, the 19-year-old is behind bars accused of trying to elude police.

Court documents say Luckett led Yakima Police on two separate high speed chases.

The first in June when police say Luckett drove nearly 100 miles an hour along Washington Avenue weaving through traffic.

Investigators say they had to stop chasing him in case someone got hurt.

Officers arrested him the next day at the Jack in the Box near 40th Avenue. He bonded out of jail.

Luckett wound up back in jail accused of eluding police in another high speed chase in July.

This time, investigators say he was racing another car going 60 miles an hour down Tieton Drive.

Family and friends of Devonte Luckett describe him as having all the potential in the world and say they never would've imagined he would be in trouble with the law.

"I really look up to him. I got a lot of stories about me and him," said Luckett's younger brother Tralonte Luckett, who will be a sophomore at Davis High School and also plays basketball.

KIMA asked, "Is it tough to see him in this situation?"

"Yeah it is," said Luckett. "It hurts a little to see him going through this, but everyone makes mistakes."

"He was an all-star player. He looked like he was going places. He had colleges after him all over the place," said longtime family neighbor Lugene Hudzinski.

Luckett is being held on $100,000 bail. His family promises to stand by him and hopes he will turn things around.

To get all sides, KIMA spoke with the athletics director at Davis High School. He declined to comment for this story.

A conviction for trying to elude police carries a maximum five-year sentence. Luckett will appear back in court later this month.