Preparing for the rest of flood season

Preparing for the rest of flood season

YAKIMA, Wash. - Streets are now back open, power has been restored for those who've been in the dark and the recovery process is underway.

With the water just now receding city crews haven't had a chance yet assess the damage caused by the flooding.

There's also a chance for even more flooding this spring.

City Official Randy Beehler thinks that this flood might be beginning.

"The flooding that occurred this last week and a half was pretty early in the season for flooding for us. There is still a very large snow pact in the mountain," he said.

One way homeowners can protect themselves from future flooding is to get flood insurance.

Insurance agent Joel Goesch says you don't need to be in a flood zone to protect your home.

"In the last couple years across the nation we've seen properties getting flooded that haven't been surveyed by FEMA, they haven't been in flood zones and it's been a real surprise," he said.

Coverage take 30 days to take effect unless you're buying a new home.

While flood season can't be stopped, there are ways to prepare. Beehler says that both the Yakima Fire Department and FEMA have good information that can help you.

"There's a lot of information out there and people should take the time, take a look at that and see how they can best prepare for a flooding event, just because these flooding events have passed, doesn't mean we are out of the woods yet." he said.

And with spring just getting started, now's a good time to assess the situation for your home.

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