First batch of snow hits Yakima Valley

YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's a rough drive out there Tuesday night. Things didn't exactly start smoothly Tuesday morning either because of freezing rain overnight.

Some schools across the Yakima Valley closed. Others got off to a late start. Deputies dealt with car accidents all morning. One of them was an eleven-car pile-up near Zillah.

Road crews across Yakima County have been working hard to make roads safer. Most of them have been up early morning spraying de-icer on the roads.

Snow hit the Yakima Valley Tuesday afternoon leaving people on edge.

"It sucks, driving's bad," said driver Bob Fendall. "It's getting worse and I hope we don't get a lot of it."

School parking lots across Yakima County sat empty. Officials who canceled school worried about school buses and slick roads. Schools that had a two hour delay said road conditions had gotten better.

"We left 45 minutes early just so we had plenty of time to drive slow and careful," said driver Tiffany Hein.

Local businesses were also affected. Marie Changala owns The Green Door in downtown Yakima. She said she's never seen it so slow.

"It's been very slow, in fact I don't think anyone's actually come in the store," said Changala.

Car accidents kept deputies busy Tuesday morning. YSO reported 20 car accidents caused by icy roads since midnight. No fatalities were reported.

"It's pretty scary when you hit it because you don't see it coming," said driver Martin Buehler.

"The roads are terrible, so slick," said Changala.

The winter weather advisory was called for until Tuesday night. Rough conditions expected on I-82 and I-90.

Yakima County roads started prepping for these conditions weeks ago. But they still had crews out early spraying de-icer.

Cities like Yakima and Zillah also called crews in to add salt and sand on the streets. Yakima focused on arterial roads, hillsides, and areas around hospitals.

DOT said it started pre-shooting chemicals Monday night on I-82 and I-90.

"It comes up on you without you realizing it and there was one car off the road that I saw coming into town so obviously they just misjudged the conditions," said Buehler.

The Yakima airport was also closed for about six hours Tuesday. The runways were too icy and crews had to treat it with sand.