Fireworks prohibited in Yakima as summer approaches

Fireworks prohibited in Yakima as summer approaches

As summer approaches, firefighters want to remind people about the dangers of, and the ban on fireworks.

Each year, the Yakima Fire Department (YFD), responds to multiple incidents caused by illegal fireworks use, according to YFD's, Fire Prevention Captain Jeff Pfaff.

Since 1982, the City of Yakima has had an ordinance banning fireworks within the city.

"This spring was wetter than normal, causing wildland grasses to grow substantially, more so than during a normal year" said Captain, Jeff Pfaff.

The illegal use of Fireworks contributes to many unnecessary fires in our community; it is up to each of our communities to do our part in preventing fires from happening.

"We encourage the residents to attend one of the large displays in their community."

For additional information, contact Jeff Pfaff, YDF PIO at 509-728-2317

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