Firefighters investigating recent 'suspicious' fires along the Greenway

Firefighters investigating suspicious fires along the Greenway .

YAKIMA, Wash.- Firefighters are investing the suspicious fires that have been taking place along the Greenway and say these blazes might not have been started accidentally.

This is the fourth fire that has burned along the path and firefighters have teamed up with the Yakima police department to investigate the causes.

The latest fire happened this morning right off I-82 westbound right before you get to Selah.

Shift Commander Mitch Cole said they were able to get line around the fire pretty quickly but they say it looks like this was no accident.

"It's unlikely that a loose cigarette was flicked that far into the center of the black. So, there is a lack of accidental causes in this fire," he said.

While early signs point to it being man-made, firefighters are still investigating the cause of the fire.

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