Fire officials help community understand what is going on with the Norse Peak fire

Fire officials help community understand what is going on with the Norse Peak fire

NACHES, Wash. -- Firefighters battling the Norse Peak Fire near Naches are working to keep community members safe.

People came out to Nile Valley Community Church today to hear about what fire crews are doing to stop the Norse Peak fire.

Firefighter Joe Zurachauski says they are working to steer the fire toward the Little Naches Road and keep it north of the State Route 410.

“Were looking to utilize some existing roads such as the 410, such as the 1900 Little Naches and then were developing our strategy as it progresses westward. A lot of that is going to involve structured fence out in the Crystal Mountain Gold Hill area,” said Zurachauski.

The Norse Peak fire has now grown to about 19,382 acres and it is only 8 percent contained.

Several roads have been closed and homes have been evacuated, and it doesn’t look like it will be put out any time soon.

Zurachauski says the weather is the only thing that can help them get rid of the fire entirely.

“For the fire of this magnitude to be truly out, it's going to take a season ending event. Big rains, snow,” said Zurachauski.

The American fire which is next to the Norse Peak fire has reached 500 acres as of today, and it has caused several people to evacuate as well.

Bill Garoutte says he owns Bumping Lake Marina and has lived there for 11 years now but yesterday they were evacuated from their home.

“All they had to do was tell us it was a level three and we were ready to go,” said Garoutte.

But he says he trusts what the firefighters are doing and is more concerned about their safety.

“They’re doing exactly what they should be doing I feel. They’re protecting all of the structures and they’re putting out enough troops to do a good job,” said Garoutte.

Zurachauski says that they are doing what they can to put out the fire and wants people to also do their part.

He says if people are at a level one evacuation to get ready with their belongings just in case and if people are at level three evacuation to listen to them and leave their homes.

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