Final four picked for the Home & Garden Show Design Challenge!

YAKIMA, Wash.-- We're down to the final four contestants in this year's design challenge. Six semifinalists designed virtual rooms on Thursday morning's Action News Morning Edition.

Six semifinalists got an iPad, a theme color of orchid and 30 minutes. Their assignment: Using an app, design a virtual living room that stood out.

"What is your goal with your room that you're designing?" KIMA asked.
"I just want like a cozy room," Kesha LaLone said. "I want someone to feel comfortable in it."
"Neutral, kind of cozy," Anais Saunders said.

All six women came with a love for design and different backgrounds in decorating.

"What's your experience?" KIMA asked.
"I went to school for interior design for a couple years," LaLone said.

None of that mattered when it came to this test. Their work on the fly was being measured now. It was up to the judges.

"I'm going to be looking for the use of color, materials, space planning, stuff like that," judge Brianna Hilliard said.

So who ended up in the final four?

The top four were Kesha LaLone, who put different couches on opposite ends of the room - and even hung a clock from the ceiling! Erica Penley mixed patterns with her walls and her furniture.

"It's great because everybody said I was going to do it, but I wasn't sure in my head, so it feels good," Penley said.

Connie Eisenzimmer made a statement with an all-white room, including a grand piano, and pops of purple. And, Anais Saunders showed off art, plants and a hardwood floor.

"I'm excited to see what I can do."

Next up for the finalists is to go shopping and put together a real room at the SunDome.

"They'll have to put in the flooring, they'll have to pick the wall treatments," Carly Faul, the event director said. "All of the furniture, everything to assemble a fully decorated room."

One challenge down. Now, it's the big one at the Central Washington Home and Garden Show.

You can watch all four finalists build their rooms a week from tomorrow at the SunDome. And, vote for the one you like best. Their work will be on display all weekend at the Central Washington Home and Garden Show.