Fierce winds wreak havoc in the Yakima Valley

YAKIMA VALLEY, Wash. -- Strong winds ripped through the Yakima Valley for a second day. Downing trees and power lines. Destroying property. And, fueling fires.

This was no gentle breeze.

In Wapato, twisted metal littered Evans road, torn from a farm structure and hurled to the ground. Among the wreckage -- power lines -- fallen from above. Traffic stopped in both directions.

Crews from Pacific Power worked quickly to repair the damage and restore power to neighbors.

A few miles away, plumes of smoke from burning bales of hay.

About 800 bales of hay went up in smoke. Yakima County Fire District #5 was on scene. About 16 firefighters battled the blaze.

Crews doused the hay with water, but the fire was stubborn, darkening skies above.

"We have high winds right now," said Capt. Chris Munson. "It caused rapid fire spread in those stacks."

Back in Yakima, winds whipped the city for hours, toppling and flattening signs. Stirring store awnings, and sending leaves and garbage flying. Trees were no match for the weather, including one that missed a neighbor's house by mere inches.

Over 2,000 neighbors had their power go out early this morning. The outage turned traffic lights black.

"It's very cold and crazy."

Megan Barajas is a barista at Coffee Cravings downtown. She says the wind has affected business.

"I feel like the weather really brings down customers when it's bad and stuff. They don't want to come and get their coffee or whatever they like getting to drink."

A good day to stay indoors. Since Mother Nature doesn't seem to be in the best of moods.

The winds are expected to die down by tomorrow morning.