Fewer Car Prowls in Both Yakima and Union Gap

YAKIMA, Wash. -- YPD reports there have been more than 80 car prowl incidents since November 1st and expects that number to grow. Action News spoke with people who say it's a recurring problem in their neighborhood.

How would you feel if someone broke into your car and tried to steal it a few days after you bought it? It happened to Bob six hours after he moved into a home off South 17th Avenue here in Yakima.

"My window was broken out and my door was open and I had everything that I pretty much owned inside my car. Stepped out to find my window shattered, the door open, stuff on the ground and everything gone," said car prowl victim Bob, who asked to remain anonymous.

Bob says thieves used this small piece of ceramic to break the back window. They not only stole his credit card and birth certificate, but also got away with clothes, camping gear and a few guns.

"When you lose everything that you own, all your clothes to including your bible, it's not a good feeling to be violated like that."

YPD says car prowls happen more often this time of year, but I pulled the numbers and found that the incidents are about half of what they were last year in both Yakima and Union Gap. However, there are some places where it's a recurring problem.

People living off of South 17th Avenue say car prowls are quite the problem here in this neighborhood. And, they say they believe the person committing the crime actually lives nearby and that's because they keep finding their stolen items right here in this dumpster.

"It was just material items things in the end that you can't take with you. But, I've been blessed with members my church and in clothes donations and coats. I'm slowly starting to recover," said Bob.

Bob says all he can do is try to move forward. Police say it's common for car prowlers to watch their victims leave their cars and hit the same location several times.