Fewer apartments left in Yakima County

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- If you were hunting for an apartment in Yakima County, you may have been in for the long haul. Vacancy rates dropped in the past two years. Luckily timing was on Roberta Delahoussaye's side. She moved to the Glenmoor Green apartments this summer.

"We just happened to be moving when there were some openings," said Roberta. "That's kind of the key thing."

In the fall of 2011, there were 101 empty apartments in Yakima County. But by last October, it had dropped to 72. In January of 2013, the vacancy rate was just 3.3 percent in the whole county.

Faced with a tightening market, folks like Josh Stiner were turning to the internet to find a place. He ended up finding a place in no time.

"I've browsed around Craiglist and what not," said Josh. "There's about three places I looked around before I got this place."

But with fewer apartments left, not everyone has had such good luck. Joe Barlow moved to town seven months ago to go to school. With fewer units available, he said the most difficult part was finding an up-kept place.

"It was kind of hard to find somewhere that was decent," said Joe. "There's a lot of rundown places that were in my budget."

The number of vacancies in the state had been consistently lower than the national rate since 2003. And Yakima County was following that trend.