Festival brings big business to microbrews

KENNEWICK, Wash. - It's the music that draws them in and the beer that makes them stay.

For beer companies, large and small, the Untapped Blues and Brews festival is an opportunity to keep the profits flowing.

"it gives us a chance to get out to a different demographic", said Regan Rinker, Brewery Ambassador for Iron Horse Brew.

The crowds in Kennewick did not disappoint. Some came for the food, crafts but mostly what was on tap. Over 35 breweries served the crowd. A great chance for businesses to connect with their customers.

Rinker continues, "They come to these festivals and it's really cool for them to get to meet us and get to try the product on draft."

When you're a small brewery reaching large crowds is the only way to increase business. This Ellensburg based company contributes these types of festivals to their growing success. Regan Rinker, has seen the company grow leaps and bounds over the past few years.

"We're going from about 6000 barrels a year to hopefully in the future about 11 or 12-thousand barrels a year," she said.

Iron Horse has expanded their tap house. Building a larger facility to expand business is also in the works. A few distributors have managed to help them get their product out mainstream stores.

Despite the growth the company will always remember their roots.

"it will still be local but it's just really exciting to be able to grow and get more beer out there,"Rinker said.