Feces and trash dumped from illegal RV's

YAKIMA, Wash. -- RV's parking illegally in Yakima, and making a mess in neighborhoods. It's a problem KIMA first told you about last year. We're following up and found it hasn't gotten better.

Yakima police say it's a sight they all too often. Illegal RV's that set up camp near local parks and deserted streets.

"John wants you to move and he's going to talk to you. I'm going to tag you with a 48 hour impound," Officer Richard Fowler told Action News.

John Baughman sees this every day right in his backyard. Police say owners of mobile homes like this dump their feces and use electricity from neighbors illegally.

"I thought I was doing everybody a favor," Baughman said.

Baughman let an RV move into his backyard when a neighbor asked for a place to stay. He thought it would be a few days. It turned into several weeks. And he told KIMA his shop has been broken into four times in recent months.

"I would like to get rid of them now," said Baughman.

"These people you let live in here, these people are the one's doing this," Officer Fowler told Action News.

Yakima Police told us they've seen a spike in illegal RV's this summer.

On average, Yakima police are tagging five more RVs a week than last summer. These are warnings that give them two days to move or risk being impounded.

Most are spotted East of 40th Avenue. Popular spots include Miller Park and Lindy Lane.

"This is one of the trailers that we've chased in multiple locations throughout the city," said Yakima City Codes Manager Joe Caruso.

The struggle is pushing these RVs out of town. A lot of them jump from spot to spot.

Police have to get a court warrant or permission from the property owner to tow the illegal vehicles.
There is a push for a new city ordinance that would make it possible to tow these RVs after their warning expires.

There has been one big change since we covered the story a year ago. The charge, to tow an RV was $300, now it's $500.