Family reacts to police shooting near Selah

YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA reached out to the family of Jesse Humphrey after we got the video of his shooting death. Even without watching it, they told us they're already devastated.

In the wake of Jesse Humphrey's death...grief.

"I'm devastated," said Humphrey's former stepmother, Carla Vandiver. "I can't get it out of my mind, I just think about him constantly, every minute of the day."

She said Jesse was troubled.

"But, he was a good kid. He would bend over backwards for anybody, any family, friends, people he loved and cared about."

His death though, didn't surprise her. Vandiver says Humphrey was homeless, that he didn't have an address to register as a sex offender, and was afraid the police were coming for him.

"I knew that if he was confronted, that he wasn't going to go peacefully. That what happened was going to happen."

Before the shots, Humphrey made a call. To his other stepmother, Patty Ross.

"He told me Mom, it's over. I love you. I love Dad. I love my daughter, but it's just over for me."

Patti's response to Humphrey?

"I just said, Jesse, I love you."

Humphrey's father, Frank Ross, is said to be too devastated to speak to media. I called his stepsister, Kassie Fishnick, with whom he was also close.

"Jesse was my best friend. We grew up together. And, I probably knew him best out of anybody in the family, besides his father. This is really hard for me."

And hard for Carla, who had reconnected with Humphrey only recently.

"We were just getting re-bonded, to make up for the lost time, when he was taken."

From his father, his mothers, his sister, and his six-year-old daughter.

Humphrey was a level-two sex offender. One of his stepmothers said his conviction was years ago. No specific details could be found about the conviction online. Humphrey's stepsister is planning a memorial for him in Yakima later this month.