Family, friends share memories of Yakima native who died in Alaska

YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA is learning more about the Yakima man who died in Alaska after a fight. His friends and family tell Action News Marlo Adams was starting a new life.

A father, a brother and a friend. Yakima native Marlo Adams had only been in Alaska for a couple of months.

Marlo died almost two weeks ago, a day after getting into a fight outside a bar.

"I haven't digested it yet, even though it's been days," said Marlo's sister Cherdy Chelly. "I haven't digested my brother being gone yet."

Marlo was no stranger to family tragedy before his own death. He had three kids. One of his sons died when he was a baby. His other son was shot to death five years ago. His surviving daughter lives in Oregon.

Despite the loss of his sons, friends say he stayed upbeat.

"When you meet him, anyone who met him knows he's energetic," said Marlo's best friend, Jon Beauchamp. "It's just automatic smile, he's going to make you laugh and you don't know why you're smiling."

Marlo graduated from Davis High School and spent time working in construction. He lived in Seattle for two years before moving to Alaska.

Marlo looked up to his grandfather, who was a prominent pastor in Yakima. He came from a big family of eight kids.

"That was my big brother, I never had life without him," said Cherdy. "Every day and everything I do, he was either over the phone or right there in person."

In Alaska, Marlo started out working at a fish plant, then landed a job as a cook, something he was passionate about.

"Marlo always says peace, never goodbye, so it's never a goodbye," said Cherdy. "Somewhere he's still here with us. He ain't going anywhere."

Investigators say the fight that wound up killing Marlo Adams was caught on surveillance video and will be used as evidence. 28-year-old Anothony Pouesi was indicted for manslaughter.