Family arrested after 9-year-old found beaten, malnourished

TACOMA, Wash. - The mother and grandparents of an injured, malnourished 9-year-old boy were arrested after investigators found evidence of a long-term pattern of abuse against the child, officials said.

When authorities moved in, the boy's face was covered with bruises, he weighed only 45 pounds and was found to have a broken clavicle by Child Protective Services.

According to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department, CPS removed the boy from a home in the 5200 block of 131st Street Court East in Tacoma after reports of failure to thrive.

"We looked at his weight and looked at his well-being and marks on his body, and it was obvious he was a victim of child abuse," said Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer. "Some of the things are very heinous and upsetting."

The boy told CPS his family withheld food and hit him with spatulas, hangers and a piece of wood, according to the Sheriff's Department. He said his clavicle was broken when his grandfather caught him eating oatmeal and threw him off the porch to the ground six feet below.

In that incident, the boy vomited from pain and saw a bone sticking up from his shoulder but was only given ice and not taken to see a doctor even though he said he was "very sore," according to the Sheriff's Office.

The boy reportedly told CPS he was not allowed to go to school because he once told somebody there that he gets beaten at home.

"It was on overall pattern of abuse, neglect and outright meanness toward this kid that was going on for quite some time," Troyer said. "This is an ongoing abuse-torture situation where they flat did everything they could to make this boy's life miserable. ... We're just glad the kid is safe now, and we want to hold them accountable for everything that's been done to him."

Pierce County Sheriff's detectives served a search warrant at the home Thursday and arrested the boy's mother, 31-year-old Maria Isler; grandmother, 58-year-old Rosa Isler; and grandfather, 60-year-old Robert Isler.

All three were booked into Pierce County Jail for investigation of second-degree assault of a child.