Family & friends honor Desiree Sunford a year after her death

MOXEE, Wash. -- It's been nearly a year since a Wapato Middle School teacher was found shot to death in her own home. Family and friends participated in a memorial ride in honor of Desiree Sunford Sunday.

Some say time can help heal the heart, but it's closure this mother wants. A year later and unanswered questions still remain.

"It's unreal that it's taken this long to find the answer to two questions: who and why?" said Connie Kast.

No suspects have been identified in Desiree Sunford's murder. And it's answers Desiree's mother Connie Kast anxiously waits for.

"Two months and six months and it's like okay any time we're going to have answers and here we are at a year," said Connie.

In honor of the one year since Desiree's was killed, her family and friends held a memorial ride across the Yakima Valley. Connie said she wanted everyone to be cheerful and celebrate Desiree's life. And remember the little things about her that made her so special.

"We used to tease her because she had a very unique sneeze and she'd never sneeze just once," said Connie. "She sneezed like five, six times so any time I sneeze or I hear somebody sneeze, I think of her goofy sneeze."

Evidence in Desiree's case is getting processed at the state crime lab. It could take months to examine everything.

In the meantime, Connie continues to cherish the memories of her daughter.

"Even though it's so incredibly tragic and sad she's not here, we celebrate her life because she was a joy," said Connie.

Monday is the one year mark since Desiree's death. Connie said she will have close friends over to celebrate Desiree's life.