Fairgoers flock to food vendors at Central Washington State Fair

Turkey legs at the Central Washington State Fair

YAKIMA Wash. -- Rides, games, entertainers and vendors-- the Central Washington State Fair has it all.

But the food vendors are the most popular among fairgoers.

“The beef is really good, it's great customer service, there’s usually an adult to help the kids out and we really like it we enjoy it," said longtime fairgoer Colleen Hoke.

The Lamb Burger stand is one of the oldest food stands in the park. It has been open since 1925 and it has gained its popularity due to the unique burgers made out of lamb meat.

“These are drier, and in that sense maybe a little more crispy. You can garnish them with mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise and all those things, but no matter what you put on them, the flavor of the lamb really still comes through," said customer Corwin King.

One of the most popular food vendors right now is the Young Life stand where they make BBQ beef burgers. Although their burgers are a hit among the crowds, they’re best known for their charity work. The whole kitchen is run by volunteers and 100% of their funds go to the Young Life organization.

“We're a Christian organization. We go into schools, we have leaders - adults that care about kids in their communities, and say, 'I want to get to know you and mentor you, and we share Jesus along the way,'" said Young Life Associate Area Director, Garrett Gress.

Each food stand has their own theme and taste, but the most unique one is the Three Twenty Below liquid nitrogen dessert stand, which is new to the fair this year.

They are the fair's most popular dessert vendor. They serve a mixture of cereal with liquid nitrogen. Flavors offered include banana, brown sugar, and assorted fruits. People love to experience the smoke that comes out of their mouth once they've taken the first bite.

Although the liquid nitrogen dessert is most popular among kids and adults right now, the fair still has the traditional offerings of funnel cakes, elephant ears, and cotton candy, for all to enjoy.

The Central Washington State Fair will run through October 1.

Monday the fair will have their Franz Bread pay–one–price day promotion.

Anyone with an empty Franz Bread sack with a neon fair sticker may pay $27 to get into the fair with unlimited carnival rides from noon until closing.

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