Facebook page targeting local women shut down

YAKIMA, Wash. -- You let us know a Facebook page that humiliated young women here in the Yakima Valley was back online. Photos of girls without their permission and allegations of promiscuity.

KIMA first told you about it almost a year and a half ago. We took action and had it removed. It reappeared two days ago. And, we are taking action again.

It's cyberbullying at its worst. Dozens of photos of women and girls.
One of them, just 12 years old. There are attacks on their appearance and accusations of promiscuity.

Sonia Thomas has five daughters.

KIMA asked her, "What's your reaction, seeing pictures of these young women on here?"

"I think about my daughters," she said. "I wouldn't want anybody to do that to them."

The Facebook page, called 509 Hoes Exposed, first appeared in 2012. KIMA reported it to Facebook and local authorities. It was taken down, but reappeared online two days ago. We are only identifying it by name in case you want to express your opinions directly with Facebook.

KIMA took it to local police.

"We'll do what we can to identify the individual who's putting up the site," said Capt. Rod Light. "And, if there's any applicable crimes associated with what they're doing, we can certainly charge them."

But, that can't happen unless a victim comes forward and files a report. Police could then get a search warrant to track down who's behind it.

Light also says Facebook bears responsibility.

"They would be better served to do a lot of their own internal policing and find these sites themselves. And take them down."

KIMA didn't know if Facebook was aware the site was back. So, we decided to take action.

We reported the page on Facebook. And e-mailed and called their press team. Efforts that paid off. The site was taken down.

But, Sonia can't believe the page made it there in the first place.

"It makes me feel very uncomfortable knowing that they allow that type of thing to be posted."

A feeling no doubt shared by all those girls, humiliated by this site.

KIMA will continue to monitor Facebook in case someone tries to start it up again.