Espresso stand robbery suspect accused of classroom stabbing

YAKIMA, Wash.-- KIMA has learned more about one of the men accused of robbing an espresso stand at gunpoint Tuesday. He was wanted for another violent attack on a stranger just hours earlier. I was in court today to bring you up to speed on tonight's big story.

It's the face of a man police say went on a violent crime spree. Two scary incidents in two days. Now, he's behind bars and shackled.

"He does need to be locked up for a very long time," YPD Capt. Rod Light said.

Police says Ulises Guevara was in a classroom Monday night for a high school equivalency program.

"He ended up having a confrontation," Light said. "A non-provoked confrontation and just attacked another student."

Documents say he got up from his assigned seat and began stabbing another student as dozens of classmates looked on in horror. Guevara managed to run out before police could catch him.

"He obviously is a very violent offender," Light said.

Hours later, early Tuesday morning, Yakima police say Guevara and a friend robbed a barista. The woman was opening Grizzly Espresso on Fruitvale before sunrise. Cops say Guevara began by demanding money, and then climbed into the coffee stand.

The woman escaped through the window. Officers say the 18-year-old shot at her as she tried to escape. Guevara's 19-year old friend is accused of not letting the barista leave once she climbed out of the coffee stand window.

"Why is it important to get guys like this off the street?" KIMA asked.
"So they don't kill someone," Light responded.

In court Wednesday, the judge told Guevara to stay away from both victims. The suspect initially didn't even know who the two people are. After hearing the name of the stabbing victim, he claimed that man is his friend.

Guevara and his coffee stand accomplice will be back in court in about two weeks. Until then, they're behind bars: right where police want them to be.