Ellensburg Rodeo set to host first concert in 20 years

Ellensburg Rodeo set to host first concert in 20 years.

ELLENSBURG, Wash.- The Ellensburg rodeo has been a Labor Day weekend tradition for almost the last 100 years, but the last concert it held was 20 years ago.

Chris Ledoux was the last artist to perform in the Ellensburg rodeo arena and now his son is getting ready to follow in his footsteps.

Ned Ledoux will be the headliner for this year’s concert, but Ryan Stingley remembers what it was like to see his father.

"Some concerts you had to sit down and watch, but with that one we got to freelance around the arena," Stingley said.

Kerry Clift is on the board of directors for the rodeo and said Ned will be performing some of his father's old songs as well as some songs that were never played.

"They found some songs up in his mom's attic that were never finished for Chris,” Kerry said. “So, he went and finished them with Chris' old manager and those songs will be played."

However, the Ledoux's won't be running the show all by themselves. Yakima's own Zach Hinson will be the one to kick the concert off.

Hinson says he is glad to be back after dropping everything to be on "The Voice" back in 2013.

"I remember cleaning the bleachers off at the rodeo grounds before that weekend when I was working up there," he said.

He also says the time gap between the rodeo concerts will give everyone a fresh take on what the event is all about.

"It's been twenty years since they've done the show so most people have forgotten and don't even know about dancing in the dirt or rocking the arena," Hinson said.

The concert will begin at 8 p.m. on Thursday and the rodeo gets underway on Friday with about 600 contestants and over 400 thousand dollars in winnings.

The Ellensburg Rodeo ranks in the top ten of America’s professional rodeos so that means tickets will run out.

For more information on the event and how to purchase tickets.

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