Elderly man has been living without water in his home for almost 8 months

No water running for 8 months

YAKIMA WASH. -- Tony Aragon and his wife have been living in this house for over 30 years and planned to spend the rest of their lives here.

They came across a problem last December when their water well went dry and they tried to get help from the county.

"You're on pins and needles and what am I going to do pass this summer through here without water," said Aragon.

He says him and his wife have been living without water for about 8 months now and his wife decided to move out because of it.

Aragon goes almost every week to his daughter's house to fill up jugs with water and buy water bottles to survive.

When he turns his faucets on, nothing comes out so taking a shower, washing the dishes and using the restroom have become everyday difficulties for Aragon.

"Me and the puppy were here for quite some time by ourselves and me and him would go out and pick up snow to flush the toilet," said Aragon.

Aragon says he's already given $2,500 dollars to the Yakima County Utilities Department to get his water running but hasn't had anything done yet.

We spoke with Utilities Manager Joe Stump and he says Aragon has to go through a couple of steps to get water installed by them.

Stump says the $2,500 dollars were for the permit fee to allow the water system to be installed in his house, but not to get the installation done.

Aragon needs to hire a contractor for that.

Stump says they are working on helping Aragon get a loan to hire the contractor that way he doesn't have to pay out of pocket, but that process could take a while.

Stump added that they feel for Aragon and have him on their priority list and that they are trying to do whatever they can to help him out.

"I want water coming into this house so my wife could come back," said Aragon.

The height of the weeds around Aragon's house are a fire hazard. Anyone who lights a match or throws a cigarette on these weeds could start a fire. This is why Aragon needs to get his water as soon as possible.

We will let you know when things get taken cared of for him.

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