East Valley Fire looking for part-time recruits

EAST VALLEY FIRE DEPARTMENT NEWS RELEASE -- East Valley Fire currently employs 25 part-time/paid members, the Fire Chief, District Secretary and 10 career staff personnel. We were fortunate enough to hire 6 new career members within a year's span to provide 24 hour coverage to our community. This gives us a three to four person crew, depending on time of day, to respond to all emergencies. However, the need for part-time/paid firefighters and EMS providers is still crucial to keep the department working effectively.

If multiple calls come out at the same time or there is a major incident that requires help, the part-time/paid members are still relied on greatly. We respond to an endless variety of incidents but medical calls account for the majority of what we do. New employees have the choice to become Firefighter/EMS Providers or EMS Providers only. The employment requirements are as follows; 18 years old, high school diploma, must live in district, be able to pass a background check, be able to pass a medical exam, and pass a driver's abstract check.

Firefighting Recruit Class goes for 3 months. Students train two evenings a week and most Saturdays during this period. EMT Class runs under the same schedule format and is also 3 months long. Probation periods on the department typically last about 1 year but can be accomplished sooner depending on the dedication of the individual. Probationary/Recruit members are paid on a stipend basis. A set stipend is paid per training event and for each response attended. After probation members are paid per hour. The rate paid depends on rank and where you are at in the step process. Our website, for further information, is