Dylan Dixon faces retrial


YAKIMA, Wash. – A jury found Dylan Dixon not guilty of second degree murder earlier this week, but he could be back in court soon for a new trial.

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The jury did not come to a verdict on two charges against Dixon, manslaughter and second degree felony murder.

Now those charges are pending in court and prosecutors have 60 days to retry Dixon on these charges.

Yakima Prosecuting Attorney Joseph Brusic said after the jury gave their deliberations on Monday, prosecutors spoke with them to find out the most important pieces of the case the state was able to prove.

"We decide whether we want to go forward or not on those charges based upon the evidence and based upon how the evidence came in, and how it was evaluated by the jury,” he said.

Next Tuesday the state will decide if it is likely to go to a second trial and right now Brusic said they plan to go through with one.

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