Driveway accident kills 94-year-old in Terrace Heights

TERRACE HEIGHTS, Wash. - A tragedy happened late Thursday in Terrace Heights where a woman accidentally hit and killed her own father.

The elderly man was trying to help her free her car when it got stuck in the driveway.

It seemed like a simple thing. A family working together to get a stuck car in this driveway moving again, only to end in a family tragedy.

"It's extremely shocking," said Akil White, a neighbor.

A terrible accident that happened near White's house on South 43rd Avenue. A quiet neighborhood, with a lot of senior citizens, that got more attention than the people here are used to.

"There was a lot of cops," a neighbor said.

"They were doing measurements and stuff when I got here," White said.

Troopers said Gloria Blisard was in her car and got stuck in this brush. Her father, Kasper Kautzman, and her husband tried to get the car out of it. They did, but when the car went into reverse, it moved too fast and too far - killing Kautzman.

"Great people," White said. "They're really nice, best neighbors you can probably ask for."

"They're always saying hi," a neighbor said.

Neighbors say the Blisards have always reached out to others in this community. Now, this close-knit neighborhood will try to return that support.

Kasper Kautzman was 94. Herbert Blisard was also injured. The 80-year-old was checked out at the hospital, but he's back home tonight.