Dozens show up to Kittitas County meeting on behalf of Shady Brook mobile homes

Some of the people who live at Shady Brook mobile home park in Ellensburg aren't happy happy with the county's plans for where they live. There's a proposal to change the mobile home park into an RV park. They had the chance to speak with commissioners on Tuesday.

Margarita Huetron has lived at Shady Brook Mobile Village for over a decade.

"We're like a big family, like brothers and sisters," said Huetron.

But hearing Kittitas County might change the area into an RV park for the fairgrounds has her and many others worried. On Tuesday, they brought those concerns to the commissioners.

"Much of the meeting was in English, but from what I understood, it went well," said Huetron.

The meeting was at full capacity with about 40 people inside and more in the hallway. More than a dozen voiced their opinions.

"It was a good response, what everybody was saying -- the supporters," said Bulmaro Linares who lives at Shady Brook.

Most told commissioners they didn't find it fair for the nearly 60 people to be kicked out of their homes.

"I just hope you'll really, really search in your souls to do the right thing," said one community member at the meeting.

Commissioners said they've hired a consultant to help with their decision, but said buying the property has been in their plans since the '90s.

"It is not something we just did on a whim," said Commissioner Paul Jewell.

Commissioners also said the property owner came to them over a year ago with the sale. And said they won't make any decisions until they have solutions on where people can go.

"Just like everyone else in the county, you are my people, and my commitment is I will do my best to take care of you," said Commissioner Obie O'Brien.

But neighbors say they worry their community will be broken and feel this information was sudden.

"We take care of each other," said Yasmin Ibarra.

The low-income housing is home to children with disabilities and is in close walking distance to stores and workplaces.

"We're peaceful," said Huetron.

Community members estimated 45 RV parking spots could fit in the land. Commissioners said it'd be used for events year-round. But said in the meantime, they'll include those at Shady Brook in their decision process.

If they do decide to turn the land into an RV park, the law requires them to give residents at least one year to move.

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