Dozens of cattle on the loose

Dozens of cattle on the loose

GRANGER, Wash.- People in Granger woke up to a herd of cows. For one couple, they were mooing right outside of their home this morning.

"There's never been anything like that," said Lauren Thomas who called 9-1-1 about the cows.

"We were debating if we should go check but then we heard mooing," said Thomas.

When they went outside to check, there were dozens of cattle outside of their home. The cattle were lined up along the embankment of Anytime Fitness, and Sunnyside Ave. Granger police said they usually receive calls about one or two cattle on the loose, but this morning hit a record for them.

"There were at least 50, probably more," said Thomas.

Granger police said the cattle belonged to Arstein Feedlots, which is a few blocks away from the area where the herd ended up.

"We could still hear a few stranglers all through the night. So I figured they were going to have some trouble on their hands because they were just on the move," said Thomas.

The police said they and the owner were up till about 6 a.m. dealing with the cows, but were able to herd all of them back into the feedlot. Police tell us the cattle and people in the area are okay, and there were no damages caused.

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