Dozens of animals rescued from squalor in Eastern Washington

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Dozens of animals rescued from squalor in Eastern Washington are hoping to start new lives in our area. To avoid prosecution, a family handed over more than 90 dogs, cats and other pets to the Seattle Humane Society office in Bellevue.

Officials said the animals had been mistreated for months; forced to live in their own feces and urine.

"A couple family members, two small single-wide trailers and literally 90 plus animals," said David Loewe, CEO of the Seattle Humane Society.

The Seattle Humane Society got a call for help a week ago when that family agreed to surrender the animals to avoid neglect or cruelty charges. A team drove out to Whitman County Sunday, knowing the animals couldn't wait another minute.

"(They were) malnourished, definitely got some health issues," Loewe said. "They've all got colds... The dogs, we understand, all have got some serious dental issues as well as some skin issues."

The family in Whitman County appeared to be breeding dachshunds, but also took in rescues the Humane Society rescued from them.

Now, the dogs are getting checked out.

"They are going to go and get their health check-up by our vet department," said Veterinarian Jennifer Buchanan.

Buchanan found a few concerns with puddles.

"He has one nasty yeast infection on his skin," she said.

Care can be expensive, and Humane Society workers say donations make it possible to ease these animals' suffering, and hopefully find them all new homes.

The cost of care can run close to $600 per animal to get them ready for adoption. If you want to help, you can go to